i got a handsome boy
right now, tomorrow, and forever goodbye
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I haven’t logged in for 3 months. I miss this blog and my followers and the people I met through this. However, I’ve been living a busy life lately. I still follow my bias groups and watch korean shows and all that but the time I put into it is not the same as before. Looking back, I’ve spent almost four years of my life solely dedicated to kpop. As I’m growing older, the love for it is still there but the passion is no longer the same. I’ll be popping out every now and then here but for the most part I spend my time on twitter since it provides me with fast updates. I may never again post another edit but who really knows, right? I just wanna say thank you to all the people who’ve stuck by me. I’ve been here from 6th grade and now I’m in college. Amazing how time flies.

I love and thank you, guys. This is only a temporary goodbye because this place will always be that special happy place for the days when I was lost and was searching for something to love.


It’s been a year since you guys’d debuted. You’ve accomplished a lot in this year even though all you’ve released so far is the mini album. I’m proud of you. I hope to see you standing on stage with new songs, soon.
The colour photos represent memorable and/or important moments in the past year, such as debut stages, their first awards, first smtown concert, disneyland trip, happy camp, …

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kai graphic | requested by kaisetsuu

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Taking a hiatus from this blog bc I am so busy with real life rn. Been ignoring this blog for a while so I apologize to everyone esp my lovely followers. I will hopefully be back soon (graduating hs in 3 weeks!) 

wish me luck! xx

talk to me on twitter @fatyeoja

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seohyun being super duper cute @ coex fan sign event

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He’s getting older but he is still very cute. - Minho

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